Many Android users have problems completing the reset process on their phone. They claim that after applying a hard factory reset or formatting to factory settings, the process is “blocked” because Google request you to take one more step, and that is that in order to continue, the system requires you to enter the name of a Gmail account that has been associated with the mobile before.

Google Anti-Theft for Android Mobiles: Google’s bet to decrease the theft of Smarthphones.

It doesn’t matter the brand of your Mobile: Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, HTC, Alcatel or LG, most of them have this system integrated to the Android Operating System. It also depends on the SO version.

This is due to the Google anti-theft system or Google Device Protection (also called: Factory Reset Protection) in English. This enhancement is included by default in Android 8. 1 and later. You can activate the Google device protection or deactivate it, but it can’t be removed.

Update: This system can be removed. I explain you how to do it without downloading or installing any apk to remove the Google account.

What if I don’t remember the name of the account associated with the cell phone or mobile? Why, if the account is the right one, won’t it allow me to continue? I know the account name but not the password. What can I do?

I will show you how to solve this problem so you can continue to enjoy your precious mobile equipment.

I don’t remember the name of the account associated with the cell phone.

Here you must resort to a call from a friend. If you don’t remember which Google account it was, you can try asking one of your closest contacts who you remember sending any email to from the Gmail application installed by default on your mobile device. So just by checking the email he will be able to tell you the name of the account.

If you did the task correctly and as a responsible user you set up the or any of the account recovery options, you can use it to try to recover your account name. You should keep in mind that to use this method you must also remember the first and last name you placed in those fields when you registered the account.

To access this option you must go to https://accounts. google. com/signin/usernamerecovery and enter the associated mobile number or recovery email that is configured in the account. Clicking Next will ask you to enter the first and last name that appears in your Google Account.

If you have done everything right, it will show you a list of all the accounts that have that number or associated email and also contain the name and surname you entered.

If you know your account name but can’t remember your password, you may want to try: Gmail: Recovering access to your account.

Wait 24 Hours: Google Account [Solution]

This message usually appears after you have made a recent password change. In many cases it is solved by waiting 24 hours after the change is made, in other cases there have been reported waits of up to 72 hours. After this time you can try again with that account.

Unable To Sign Into Device Due To a Recent Password Change 24 Hours.

Some Android versions come with the English language as default and will display the warning message: “unable to sign into device due to a recent password change 24 hours” which means in Spanish: “no se puede registrar en el dispositivo debido a un cambio reciente de contraseña 24 horas”.

The solution is to wait 24 hours. If after 24 hours you can’t continue the process, don’t stop reading until the end, I’ll mention later how to solve it.

I’m not sure which of my accounts are associated with the cell phone.

If you have multiple Google accounts, you may not be able to remember which one was associated with your phone. If this is your case, you can try to find out what it was with the help of the Google Dashboard. In this panel you can view each of the Google services active in the account and the most important information about each of them along with the most relevant data.

You must pay main attention to the Android service that is the one we are interested in, you can find it as an Andy icon (name of the green Android martian). Clicking on the drop-down list will show the date of the last connection to the mobile and when the account was registered on the mobile. With this information you will be able to identify which of them was associated with the mobile.

If you have been able to solve your problem with any of the tips described in this article, I invite you to share it in a comment. If on the contrary you still can’t solve it also share it, I will start investigating if there are other methods to share it with you and in this way you will be helping to improve the content of the blog and helping more users with the same problem.

I’m sure my account was associated.

If you’ve managed to identify the account associated with your mobile and know your password, but are unable to continue with the formatting process on your computer, you can stop by the Gmail Help Forum for assistance: Gmail – Help Forum.


I share this video where my friend neifredomar in his Youtube channel shares with us how to skip the Google account.

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